League of Legends Free RP Hack 2016

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League of Legends Free RP Hack 2016

You can be able to get free riot points and unlock skins & champions. Uber hack tool is ready to be downloaded. Free RP Hack. League of legends free rp hack 2016 is for those who loves LOL. You dont need to pay fortune for skins…

UBERHACKZ team presents you LOL Free Skins Hack Tool

League of Legends Uber Hack Free Unlock Characters, Skins and Free Riot Points Cheat v1.0 1

Select your region and click “validate” button.

League of Legends Uber Hack Free Unlock Characters, Skins and Free Riot Points Cheat v1.0 2

You have chance to unlock heroes. Aurelion Sol and Taliyah would be added soon.

League of Legends Uber Hack Free Unlock Characters, Skins and Free Riot Points Cheat v1.0 3

You need to have champion before you add skin. So first add the hero and then add the skin. You can get 5 skins for a day. It is limited for some reasons.

League of Legends RP Code Generator


And you are on LEAGUE OF LEGENDS RP CODE GENERATOR 2016 section. Generate button generates random rp codes and these codes works with %25 chance.


Download FREE CHARACTER and SKIN Hack Tool for League of Legends (LOL) Game

This tool both works well with Windows and Macintosh systems. Just follow the instructions on hack tool.

  • Log in your game
  • Stars hack tool
  • Select your region
  • Write your account name
  • Press “validate” button
  • Now you can get your hero, skin and riot points
  • Enjoy


league of legends skin character rp riot points hack files

Be sure you would have a ban-free hack tool. But,  dont be greedy for this League of Legends characters, skin and rp (riot points) hack tool, so Riot cant dedect and fix this hack. If this happen, we’d make new one. Follow our page for updates if tool stop working.



Uber Free RP Hack v.1.1

Firstly, download main hack tool above. And you are free to download patch below. Patch is not necessary for previous skins and heroes, as well as rp code hack is also not related to patch.
You need to put all files in a same folder, then start the main hack tool. Patch would start automaticly.

Patch 1.13 Includes These Heroes

Gnar, Azir, Kalista, Rek’Sai,nKindred, Illaoi


Patch 1.1 Includes These Skins Which released Lately

  • Infernal Diana
  • Mecha Zero Sion
  • FREE SKT Team Bundle
  • FREE TPA Team Bundle
  • FREE Fnatic Team Bundle


Keep an eye out for new League of legends free rp hack tools 2016.





All hack tools are checked daily by sitelock and protected by DMCA policies.


  1. ahmed malikjah
    2014 - 01:20

    thanks for this brother, i hope it works

  2. kentucky
    2015 - 07:39

    it worked twice, but i had problem today. anything wrong? am i supposed to use that hack twice a day max?

  3. How the heck should I download? Please help

  4. yiğit
    2015 - 23:23

    kardesım bu inmiyor ?

  5. mustapha
    2015 - 02:07

    surveys are annoying, it took 10 mins to fill out! too long.

  6. mustapha
    2015 - 02:08

    nvm it worked, so i wont complain anymore :D thanksssssss
    btw guys, you can get 1 code daily. dont expect to get 235123542 rp codes in 1 day.

  7. Awsome360
    2015 - 05:32

    So awesome man

  8. roboman25
    2015 - 22:41

    the 1st download worked, but the password didnt

  9. PANU

  10. gericolingat
    2015 - 02:27

    free skin teemo

  11. viktor2124
    2015 - 18:14

    me pro

  12. haroun
    2016 - 23:03

    how shoudl i download it tell me guys

  13. mahmutbaba
    2016 - 14:07

    öküz gibi çalışıyor ewvallah gardaş

  14. jamieee
    2016 - 14:09

    i just added kindred and its’ skins, but there is no skin for aurelion sol? hope you add it soon

  15. john loyd panganiban
    2016 - 22:41

    its good

  16. jude12345
    2017 - 05:37

    RP 1000 to lol

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