About Uberhackz Team…

As uberhackz team, all group members are university students; Ric2x, Devica, Aravind, Sic-o and Anasuya. Aravind, the only girl member of group searches for the game which people want hacks most. Devica and i prepares layouts for hacks. Sic-o codes the hack and checks its stability. And lastly Anasuya promotes hacks.

What We Offer?

As you know there are lots of game companies, make lots of good games. But, there is a problem! They always want more money if you want to spend good time with that game. Usually, there is no way to play games without purchasing. So, we present you game hackz all free. As mentioned before all hacks are free but you would need to fill out a quick survey. Why? Read HERE.

Why we use surveys?

Game developers are so greedy, they earn millions from those crap games and they hate this kind of hacks. So, if thousands of people get our hacks, all hacks would be saturated and they can be dedected and fixed so quick and easily. So surveys are just a small handicap for you. We make this hacks for free and want that only people who deserve could download.
We know you appreciate our desicion about surveys. Please dont forget there is no premium things and we dont any donation.

The inspiration is the desire by extension! Do you think is right?

Why Us?

  • Up to date hackz!
  • All free!
  • Instant support!